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So who is behind Weddings at Lake Chelan? Well it’s three people. Lynn Tuttle of Fleur de Lis Floral and Event Design and me, Molly Nickles of Ben&Molly: Wedding Photographers (we should say three people because Ben is the techie brains behind it all!).

From Acquaintances to Co-Coordinators of a Resource Blog

We  heard that Lynn was working on a new adverting ad campaign for the wedding show and we offered to take pictures for the ad shoot. Soon enough we met at Campbell’s Resort for the shoot. We quickly became friends and the shoot went very well! Lynn lives on the outskirts of town where the internet is slow and you are lucky to get cell reception so I offered to design the ad. That turned into me helping with her website, other ads, vendor posters, the bridal show website and some other things. When it came time for a couple commercial shoots I asked her to help style it. After a year of working well together, it was only natural to become her right-hand man for the wedding show. That was 3 years ago and now Lynn has handed over the reins to me so she can focus on expanding her business.

Ben and Molly Nickles

My husband loves electronics like I love a good espresso and a piece of chocolate (ok, maybe more than one piece!).  He was always a shutter bug and fully embraced the digital world. I bought my first point and shoot as a child and haven’t stopped taking photos since. I studied at Brooks Institute of Photography. When we married we converged all of our photo gear.  Soon enough a close friend got engaged and I offered to photograph her wedding. My friend’s wedding was a defining moment in our lives. Ben and I enjoyed that time together so much and more importantly, the bride, my friend was happy with our work!  Things snowballed from there and that is how Ben&Molly was born! For more on us go to

Lynn Tuttle

I have lived in Eastern Washington for all of my adult life. After moving around a lot as a kid and young adult I finally settled in Chelan, Washington marrying the sweetest man ever! We have been married for 21 years now!  We have 4 perfect (hehe) children that make us appreciate life every day! Jeff has been my biggest support as I have created a business from a passion of mine!  For the past 6 years I have been designing flowers for weddings and events in the Lake Chelan area.  My passion is BEAUTIFUL BLOOMS! Whether you need inspiration for your big day bouquet, or you’re looking for that  “WOW” reception centerpiece: it. will. be. FABULOUS! For more about me, go to